At Elliot & Me we are passionate about bringing you beautiful and unique fashion & accessories with a focus on Australian owned small businesses who have a conscious and ethical ethos. 

We believe all women should feel empowered about their fashion choices and have the option to express their unique personality through a thoughtful curation of garments that have longevity as well as a point of difference.

We hope you enjoy Elliot & Me, both here online and if you get the chance, pop in and say hello to this little gem of a store south of Adelaide.

Meet Abbi, Owner and Manager of Elliot & Me.

Since purchasing the store in the seaside town of Port Elliot, Abbi, a Fleurieu local, has worked to build on the beautiful space she inherited from the previous owner and has taken so much enjoyment from getting to know her customers.

"Fashion has always been a great love, maybe even in my blood. I remember both of my Grandmothers being particularly fashionable, both in their own unique way.
I would always ask to see Grandma Audrey's "special" wardrobe of ball gowns and tailored pieces, all made specifically for her... As a little girl I thought she was royalty!

My Grandma Phylis was a lot more eccentric but always perfectly put together. She would crochet suits in bright purple and reds.. She definitely expressed her personality through her bright and unique style"


Abbi is passionate about women feeling amazing in their clothes, expressing their own unique style and ultimately feeling confident about who they are.  The curation of brands inside the walls of Elliot & Me ensures there is something for everybody and always something different.

Supported by her amazing store team, husband and 2 boys, Abbi is excited to bring beautiful, ethical and mindful fashion and accessories to women in her local community and across Australia.